Chemicum videos for teaching & learning and chemistry popularization

  Recently, the website was updated with the pilot package of "100+ Experiments in Chemistry II" videos that are fully in English and use html5. These videos are free to view for and the new version also supports iOS and Android.

  "100+ Experiments in Chemistry II" is primarily designed to be used as an audiovisual chemistry teaching (and learning) aid both in primary and high schools, as well as in universities. The videos can be shown in chemistry classes and can also be individually viewed by the students at home. The chemistry popularizing function and certain entertainment value of the website are also of no insignificant importance.

  The introductory set at the moment consists of 71 high quality experiment videos which are also provided with explanatory notes in English. At least an equal amount of videos is currently being prepared for the upload in the near future.

  The videos included in the introductory set cover a diverse and broad range of topics (such as metals, nonmetals, organic compounds, electrochemistry, etc.) and represent the high end of entertaining educational chemistry-popularizing videos.

  The videos can be currently searched by keyword-Experiment search and when viewing the video's explanatory notes, one can also access a set of Related videos by clicking on the appropriate link on the yellow background.

  It is possible to choose between four different video resolutions 240p, 480p, 720p and 1080p.

  Happy exploring!

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